Literature in Performance

Summer 2009


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Comm 207

Literature in Performance

Professor Teresa Kennedy

301 Combs

654 1531

Office Hours: M-Thur 9-10; 3-4 & by appointment

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to developing their skill in the oral interpretation of literature as a mode of performance. This will require students to think about the content of the literary work, its meaning and significance, and then perform that work for an audience in order to share one’s interpretation with one’s peers. Not all readings of the same poem, then, will sound the same. We will explore the different genres of literature (poetry, prose, and drama) in order to develop¬† strategies for effectively conveying meaning.

The required text for this class is:

Yordon, Judy E. Roles in Interpretation, 5th ed. (New York: McGraw Hill, 2002).

You will also need an anthology of literature, I will help you to choose one to fit your interests.

The course requirements are as follows:

Class Blog (20%)

Two Podcasts for blog (30%)

Three oral presentations (30%)

Class participation (20%)

Week One: Understanding Peformance

Monday: Introduction to the course, review of listening skills, understanding rubrics

Reading:  Yordon, Chapter Two

Tuesday: Practicing with literary texts (handout)

Reading: Yordon, Chapter One

Wednesday: Reading Older literature (Shakespeare’s Sonnets)

Thursday: Reading Older literature (Selected Renaissance Sonnets)

Week Two: Review of literary analysis

Monday: Understanding the variety of contexts for literary performance

Andy Rush

Reading: Yordon, Chapter 5

Tuesday: Evaluating Oral Presentations in literary contexts

Reading: Yordon, Chapter 4

Wednesday: Primary Oral presentations

Thursday: Primary Oral presentations

Reading: Yordon, Chapter 6

Week Three: Prose Fiction (Bring your own selections)

Monday: Podcasting

Tuesday: Podcasting

Wednesday: Podcasting

Thursday: Evaluation

Reading: Yordon, Chapter 7

Week Four: Drama (Bring your own selections for your group)

Monday: Oral presentation

Tuesday: Oral Presentation

Wednesday: Oral Presentation

Thursday: Evaluation

Reading: Yordon, Chapter 8

Week Five: Poetry

Monday: Podcasting

Tuesday: Podcasting

Thursday: Final Presentations

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